Zenfolio | Allan Teger | Artist's Statement


The Bodyscapes are shot digitally, but the images are created in the studio, rather than with photoshop. The small figures and objects-skiers, horses, etc- are toys and miniatures which are placed directly on the model's body. I make a single exposure of the entire arrangement.

The artist in every culture takes on some of the roles of the shaman. The artist walks the fine line between the conscious and the unconscious;between the sacred and the profane;between the obvious and the hidden. My background (Ph.D in psychology) led me to the study of consciousness, meditation and spirituality. After years of teaching, counseling and research, I left academics to apply what I had discovered to the realm of art.

The bodyscapes were not intended to address the issue of nudity. Rather, I sought to depict our ability to choose our perception out of the various possibilities that are offered. Our reality is subjective. We decide, consciously or unconsciously, to interpret, select and alter what we see. In this body of work we choose to see a landscape or the human body. We choose to see it as erotic or sensual or mundane. We choose to focus on details or on the larger picture.

In the bodyscapes there is a play on the "Figure-ground reversal" from Gestalt perceptual psychology-as the figure (the body)becomes the ground (the landscape)! The choice that we have in the simple perception of a bodyscape photograph is only a small example of our choice of perception and reality in the larger sense. Multiple perceptions abound; multiple realities exist. The quantum physicists now agree with the ancient Vedic masters who say that consciousness creates reality and that knowledge is structured in consciousness. It's all up for interpretation! It's all subjective! In this work I try to give the viewer a small taste of that "ah ha!" experience as they watch their mind shift gears and what was a landscape now appears as a body.

Some people see all of the above in my art-some see only humor, eroticism or beauty. Everyone brings their own consciousness to bear as they react to what is in front of them.